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What do online dating, government consulting, academia, programming, and fin tech have in common? They’re all industries where Ben Way, the founder and CEO of the Digits crypto card payment solution, has held senior positions over his two-decade career.

Not Your Average Crypto Entrepreneur

When you think about the typical crypto entrepreneur or leader of a blockchain-based startup, the image of a young, scruffy libertarian with limited entrepreneurial experience probably comes to mind.

After all, the anti-establishment bent of the world of bitcoin, combined with the sometimes-shady ICO scene, has not exactly fostered an image of the average blockchain startup’s leadership team as mature and experienced.

Yet although Ben’s professional background has involved a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, he is by no means an outsider to the world of successful business. Here’s a look at some of his previous roles:

  • Consulting for the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Advising the British Ministry of Defence
  • Teaching at the London School of Economics and Imperial College London
  • Serving as a senior adviser to the British Library
  • Helping to market Luna, a “smart” bed cover
  • Developing the technology behind, a language-learning platform acquired by Babbel
  • Founding of Freetricity, a startup that aims to help individuals and businesses replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources
  • Serving as CEO of the Rainmakers, one of Europe’s first technology incubators

This list isn’t exhaustive. For a full overview of Ben’s professional experience, see his LinkedIn profile.

The Vision behind Digits

As someone who has held leadership roles at businesses and government agencies in multiple countries, and whose experiences run the gamut from across a diverse range of industries, Ben brings an unusually broad and informed vision to Digits.

Ben’s breadth of experience and perspective are especially important in the crypto industry. It’s relatively easy to recognize the transformative power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It is also easy to envision a platform that uses the blockchain to solve a particular problem, then explain the value of the platform to other crypto enthusiasts.

What is much harder is escaping the tunnel vision that tends to afflict the crypto space, where entrepreneurs sometimes make the mistake of assuming that the world as a whole will immediately recognize the value that they see in crypto. Escaping that tunnel vision is essential in order to design a platform and business plan that allow blockchain technology to reach the masses, not just those who are already engaged.

This is exactly what Digits aims to do by providing a crypto card solution that will allow anyone to use cryptocurrencies to make everyday payments in the same way as they do with a conventional credit card. Ben’s range of experiences with a broad set of successful companies in multiple industries, combined with the stature he enjoys in a number of business communities, positions him in an unusual way to drive this innovative crypto startup.